Gloucestershire Funders is an informal group of charitable and public sector funders committed to working together in a joined up, flexible and swift way to benefit Gloucestershire charities, people and groups.

Gloucestershire Funders was started as an immediate response at the start of the Covid pandemic to respond to the financial crisis affecting many charities, community groups and organisations.  We got positive feedback from applicants, and have found the sharing of information between us so valuable that we have decided to keep it going.

We aim to provide one point of access to sources of financial support for Gloucestershire charities and groups. We want to reduce the number of applications that those charities and groups have to make, allowing them to sustain the huge range of support, services and projects that they provide to improve life for people across Gloucestershire.

We have an active group who meet very regularly and a wider group with whom we connect and consult.

The active group are, in alphabetical order,

Active Gloucestershire -“Active Gloucestershire is part of an inclusive community that connects and inspires people in Gloucestershire to improve their lives through physical activity. We do this by inspiring, connecting and enabling people and organisations whilst supporting the counties movement for sport and physical activity – we can move”.

Barnwood Trust – “We are a charitable foundation and our vision is to create the best possible environment in Gloucestershire for disabled people and people with mental health problems to make the most of their lives”.

Create Gloucestershire – “We support the cultural and creative industries in Gloucestershire and introduces new people to arts, culture and creativity.”

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group“We are responsible for planning and commissioning (buying) local health services and support to meet the needs of local people. Working with partners, we are placing even greater focus on supporting people to keep healthy and independent and providing more joined up care and support to people with physical and mental health needs in their own homes, GP surgery or community. Being part of Gloucestershire Funders is an amazing opportunity for us which enables us to work with organisations across Gloucestershire to make a real difference to one of our key aims of reducing health inequality across the county.”

Gloucestershire Community Foundation – “Our vision is for Gloucestershire to be a place where people and communities are empowered to become resilient and strong.  We provide much needed funding to communities in our county by connecting philanthropists with causes, growing our community asset (endowment) which is here for our community for life, and building our knowledge of the needs of local communities through research and partnership working.

We really appreciate the opportunities that the Gloucestershire Funders collaboration brings for sharing knowledge and insights around the county and are also able to identify projects that may fit our grants criteria. To maintain a fair and consistent approach for all our applicants, we ask that organisations wishing to receive funding from the Gloucestershire Community Foundation complete our online application form on our website.

All applications are put before our community grants panels and more details of dates and deadlines are available on our website https://gloucestershirecf.org.uk/grants/

We realise this is an additional task for applicants but we are a very small team with limited capacity and, as part of a UK network of 47 Community Foundations, we need to ensure that application information is consistent for our reporting and grants analysis as well as being able to demonstrate the impact of our work to the philanthropists who support us. We are working to simplify our application forms as much as possible but if you need any support please do get in touch with grantsmanager@gloucestershirecf.org.uk.”

National Benevolent Charity -“We are a grant-making charity with a long history of providing financial support to people experiencing poverty to help them in a time of crisis.  Through our new grants to organisations programme we provide unrestricted funding to support a wide range of organisations which can demonstrate that their beneficiaries are experiencing poverty (or financial hardship) and that their project, programme, or organisation aims to alleviate that poverty.  We aim for our funding to improve lives”.

National Lottery for Gloucestershire

The active group also includes Officers from the six District Council engagement/participation teams across the county, and the Head of Commissioning for Voluntary and Community Partnerships at Gloucestershire County Council.

The funders we connect with from time to time are the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, St James’s Place Foundation and The Henry Smith Charity County Grants and Thirty Percy. We are in close contact with the VCS Alliance.