Every funder in our collective has to work within its own charitable objects and processes, which set out how they can make decisions about where funds are awarded. This means that there may be occasions when however good or worthwhile they consider an application to be, they will not be able to fund it as it is outside what they are able to fund legally, or outside their current priority funding areas.

Sometimes funders are able to collaborate and joint fund an application. The discussions at the Gloucestershire Funders enable us to make the most of this possibility.

Please follow the links provided by the active funders on this page to see what kinds of activities or people each of them can fund.

How does the application process work?

Applications to Gloucestershire Funders can be made at any time through the online application process by clicking here.

Applications are considered by the group every fortnight.  Each funder will take any applications that they think that they could fund through their own internal process.  Different funders have different internal processes, and these may vary according to the financial value of the application.  Sometimes they might include consideration by a community or staff panel for that organisation, or consideration by the Board of Trustees.

Barnwood Trust acts as the central administration point and let’s each applicant know the outcome of their application, including what the value of the funding award is, and which of the active group is able to fund it.  If a separate application to one of the funders is required, the applicant will be informed of this.

An average turnaround time from application to hearing an outcome is between 6-8 weeks. Please note that while we aim to deliver an outcome within this timeframe, this is a guide and timings may fluctuate due to high volumes of applications and the internal processes and panel meetings held by each funder. We appreciate your patience while we try to deliver responses to grants as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please note that demand always exceeds the amount of funds available, but we are committed to doing as much as we can.

Why it is worth applying through Gloucestershire Funders?

Gloucestershire Funders is a way of getting one application in front of a group of funders simultaneously, avoiding the need to make multiple independent applications.

The Gloucestershire Funders application form can be used by 5 of the funders (Active Gloucestershire, Barnwood Trust, Create Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, National Benevolent Charity) to make a decision.

The other funders will require you to complete a separate form for their own processes. If this is needed, we will let the applicant know.

How to get in touch

Barnwood Trust currently acts as the central point of contact for the Gloucestershire Funders.

You can contact the Barnwood Strategic Development Manager (SDM) team on or you can click on the link below to find details of the SDM who covers your area of the county.

Josh Jones: Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve and Tewkesbury area
Katrina Brown: Cirencester and Cotswolds area
Penny Hulbert: Forest of Dean District area
Ismail Kholwadia: Stroud District area
Liam Daniels: Gloucester area